When it come to relationship.....


I used to have this kind of feeling with it come to them..
but now, not really but still if they make trouble, the feel will come again.
that is why my friends curious how i will deal with my marriage life..LOL 
Credit dramalatte

My current bias -------- BAekyeonnnnn~~


even though its rumored that they already broke up or not or together again. i still adore this couple even before they admitted couple anyway..

SNSD Taeyeon  & EXO Baekhyun...uri unnie and also uri dongsaeng....wawawaw...hol*...okay fine! not funny at all..

of course for their talent especially when singing ballad songs.....OMG! melting!!~~

Me?do not care about plastic surgery or add here reduce there.as long as they can attract my attention, me always okay.

i used and still following my national singers and also following them when they good in ballad..like Dato' Siti Nurhaliza..ow yeah!!~..

Also with Hollywood singers like Westlife, Backstreet boys, Blue and all songs mostly from 90s. if you within my age, surely you know what i mean..ahaks!~

So overall, only voice can attract me though no matter how famous they are....

Even right now i change all sort of pics into theirs..lol

Edited Though....Of Course
Thanks to the uploader

Me?....right now quater of the century

Yes worldddd!!!...

i'm 25 right nowwwwww
peak age for mid-teenager like others...

Will held convocation day this nov

Kind of..
Part Time Worker at my university..
Still seeking real job..
please contact me if available..ok?..
Office Environment pleasee....
*Ok demand,sorry..
whatever job will do as long as its following Islamic rule and regulations

Naaa...not in my list

WOW!!...i cannot see anything yet...

Thanks :)

Lame and Cliche Excuse #repeated posts

ok Fine..this is very cliche excuse...

Long time no see blogger world....*scream outt!!!!!

such a dust,bugs and whatnot..

i try to write at least one to make up my blog time.....aiyooo...pity my aegii...

ok thanks :)