My current bias -------- BAekyeonnnnn~~


even though its rumored that they already broke up or not or together again. i still adore this couple even before they admitted couple anyway..

SNSD Taeyeon  & EXO Baekhyun...uri unnie and also uri dongsaeng....wawawaw...hol*...okay fine! not funny at all..

of course for their talent especially when singing ballad songs.....OMG! melting!!~~

Me?do not care about plastic surgery or add here reduce long as they can attract my attention, me always okay.

i used and still following my national singers and also following them when they good in Dato' Siti Nurhaliza..ow yeah!!~..

Also with Hollywood singers like Westlife, Backstreet boys, Blue and all songs mostly from 90s. if you within my age, surely you know what i mean..ahaks!~

So overall, only voice can attract me though no matter how famous they are....

Even right now i change all sort of pics into

Edited Though....Of Course
Thanks to the uploader

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