they are just so sweet

tomorrow at 3.00 pm ,i have my final first final paper in this semester ever..yet i just can spend my precious time ever into this writing..!!!~naa..its okay. i just have a break from repeating the same thing for the last 6 hours..haha..but its cannot promise me perform well tomorrow..Help me Allah!!..

btw, while taking a break, i opened my facebook and i came across with this video..i like to watch these kind of video because generally Malaysian people also have their own idea to make their special day memorable. this video is about the Maria Elena and her spouse,Asfirdaus..who did not know about maria Elena, one of the vlogger in Malaysia..sometimes i do watched her video, simple girl and very straightforward person,for me..huhu.. qUite surprised seeing her wedding since did not expecting this ..xpela dah jodoh kan...huhu..ok lets back to the story..emm,maybe better just watch by your own, far more exciting,i guess...huhu..enjoy!~

their pre-wedding story also can be watched here ..full credit to them. their work also so nice..:)
anyway congratulations to them..
picture credit to CST Breed
p/s: better stop for my precious exam...hak3

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