status : couple vs single~

p/s this is only just my own personal opinion..nothing biased thank you~

definition single: one person human being not have any love relationship with any other human being. did not develop any special feeling within others..
since I'm in my teen age, i just want to casually talk about this..for me its nothing bad for become single. nothing to be worried.
1) No stress
2) No midnight tears
3) Save our handphone credit
4) Can be just ourselves.No second character.
what else?....hhhm....think about it..
in fact,our life just can be fulfilled with the matters of learning,think how to be success in the future,our career our family, our friend and doing things that we want without any restricted eye that disturb our life. grade is not that good but at least i never damage my emotion and my mind with that restless things.
always relax
 Its been a lie if i say that i did not have any single crush in my university life. hello~..i just a normal young girl,fall to the handsome mamat guy.i do put my eyes on man..Korean of my example..really into them until my preference also must be based on them.*young k pop-er girl though.
My biased<3

Adorable Chun forever relevant 

i do have own personal love story.not that beautiful and romantic as Malay novel or Korean Drama..haha...even its just only one-sided"love" is not a proper, not yet falling love with any guy out there, its just within a level of admire or easy to say just like their personality or outer appearance only.

to be honest, at first, i did not believe in marriage..yeah perhaps maybe it is because of my past..but now, as i learning deeply through my lovely religion,Islam teaching me to believe in it but yet now i do believe it but not the opposite gender. don't know why i feel distracted when i stay among them but yet i still can have the word " crush" in my life dictionary...what a weirdo~ do know how to a complicated life. its not that i did not believe in relationship but for me, lets its come when its time.right?!
*being single its not means we are not preferable yet we are being protected by Allah from made the evil things a.k.a maksiat~
note: i love being single...happy ever after.....

you know what is couple right?! need to explain..
since I'm not in any relationship so i cannot explain further personally about this matter.

 but i do have many friends that have this status in their life. i have so many friends with their own love stories. either like or not, they just themselves nothing related to us, so nothing t be worried.since i have a religious background study since i was young, i have this personal thought that i feel a little bit distracted when my other friends use " religion" as to cover their relationship. as the people say " Matlamat tak menghalalkan cara"..huh!..this kind of word come out personally from their own mouth yet they did it.

as we know. Islam did not allowed any relationship before marriage, right.some of them do already married but some of them are not...hhmmm...maybe the hereafter period is just around the corner when their own people have forget about this basis of Islam and have their own pleasure on their own world. 
when my friend uploaded their lovey-lovey pics, i guess maybe I'm the only one this kind of annoyed!~ i'm not saying that i am the best and perfect people in this world but at least, i don't want my friends get this blessedness from God.what to say, they have their own way though or maybe i just only develop this feeling of prejudice to them..o! me!~

i guess i just want to stop here.actually, this post written because i saw many things happened around me personal feeling, is just happen that i want to write something on this since its my own blog force to read..
thanks a lot

for the conclusion:

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