Wedding Raihanah and rijal~

last week, i got an invitation to my friend's weds. quite surprised actually but its just ok..haha..(what the...?!) friend' name: Raihanah roslan and her partner Shamsulrijal(?)..kalu xsilap la..huhu
for the "akad nikah".actually i received an sms from my friend, sharifah azzah asked me to join them to the events since there are empty seats..and without a second thought, i agreed. so i joined the club, the Masjid Jamek Kampung Bharu

During akad nikah:

invitation card

Bridesgroom tgh nk akad dh tuh!


solat sunat selepas akad

pemberian mas kahwin

salam jangan tak salam~

si suami plak

aloorrhh!!!..gelap la plop!


nyum nyum mee jawa


backview da..silap

the video will be uploaded later*

actually, something bad(for me) happened that days..for that i'm so sorry for leaving to all of you my bad first bad.promise did not do it again..yakseok!

During Walimah...(a day after)
this day i went to the events with the different friend from yesterday since i'd promised them we went about 11 o'clock in the morning to the LRT Putra to the Masjid Jamek..when reached, my other friend picked us up there and we continued the trip. once again.. "makan buah langsat" even the maps was already at our need to sorry for that though.
after a few babbling and mumbling, we arrived there, our other friends already eating there and we just proceed the plan which is eating..eating and eating...hahaha...
while we were ate, the "pengantin" sampai the those pink colour like yesterday..quite cute what that soon as that..angklung team from IIUM arrived. at that time, i noticed that they are going to perform here..aiyoo..what a pending da...but it quite miserable for me since they are already late for the preparation and those set-up since the "main-guest" already there..but overall it was okay..i just took a few pictures, not that much but enough for my collection though.others with my friend and i don't think i have a time to get it...hehe..enjoy:

p/s:..sorry gambar agak kabur coz duk jauh ckit dari pengantin..hehe

blik je majlis jgn ckp la..tersadai terus!!!!..letih!!!

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