outing to KL

as usual, once per semester,I'LL BE GOING OUT,DUDE!!..actually i did know the reason behind it.just a tradition for myself and have fun all along by myself..*not really actually!.
since i did not get my official license yet( due to unlimited number pf postponing)..hehe..so i asked my friend aisy..to be unofficial partner for this journey and as the payback,she did not have to give anything except for her food..heheh..
according to my plan, this time we went to the IKEA, The CURVES and also the Tesco..rented the car out and the journey began.....

jam setelah makan "buah langsat" byk sgt^^

nak g mkn pun ad troli da..*1st time jumpa dow!

brunch for the day

Duduk "haram" kat IKEA jap

xle nk masuk da..

my tension released when i saw those things

great,isn't it?

jammed nk g One Utama

apesal ramai org nh?!

ad speck show upenye

captured during "syaitan" byk

my partner<3

uik!..ad lagi?!

Nice even not DSLR punyer

camera handphone jek

totally out at that day...
still I'm satisfied...
ok..the End~

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