my teacher~

xtau plak eden Dr. ad segmen kat newspaper^^

gambar curik..*jahat x?uhu

when I'm first entered his class..I'm totally lost...not that "lost" la..something yang lost la yang pasti..with him, I'm taking Islamic Ethics

1st impression??
nothing much. just only how the regular student looking to their lecturer..first week in his class..i totally frustrated cause of I'm always feel sleepy ...and..sleepy...and sleepy..yet in one time..suddenly my handwriting become like this....


that time..I state to my mind that i want to drop from his class..because of if i continue become like this, it just harm me though,right?..hhmm..but Allah knows better..intention just intention.. I continued to stay in his class until the end and I'm very grateful for this..hehe..
due to what??
hehe..just continue to tell myself, it is not my lec's fault that I'm become like that in the class..just only myself problem,.hehe..and during that time, i just continue to follow his way, always talk, meet him and also try to discuss with him together with my group's member..and thank to friend also enjoyed it..

until now, I'm still continue to remember him because he is my teacher...
yet I'm feel excited even just to think about it is a lesson to my life too...

may Allah bless him always.( Dr. abdul salam)..

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