hit the jackpot!

not me la the one who hit the jackpot...i refer to my friend, rather to be called as Han Sae Ra.hehehe..she told me (since we the SHINee-freakl)...hehe..that she went to the Etude House shop *the one that SHINee and 2Ne1 Dara advertise right know. for SHINee sake, she bought the lipgloss the one that advertised by SHINee's Onew ( since five of them advertised 5 differents colour)..huhu..i like..but i cannot afford it.. one small lipgloss and it cost about rm30+/-..huuuiiihh...maybe next time, hen i married to the young-rich prince...hahahahaha...(.........)
and the most surprised, she got a free gift, yeah! even it just a basic thing but quite ok..daripada xde kan?!...huhu..she got the file of some of the member.i admit i quite JEALOUS,OK?!...hahah..no worries..saje je..

see the small-round one?
that the lip gloss and the file given

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