hate to be interviewed

as mentioned..
i hate to being interviewed..
with such annoying interviewer..
together with deadly smile*lepuk kang!~!!
but by hook or by crook,still to face it..
for the sake of its requirement in this playful world...

for the sake of formality..
speaking London is a thing that MUST to do...
other language??..
of course my mother tongue is important..yet
yes! for the sake of learning of learning, its no hal la.....
but if when somebody get annoyed with that, so what! it doesn't matter to me..
no big deal at all...

i want to improve myself...
to become better but not perfect..
we have our own ability..
so appreciate that, take care of it as we will lost it by the next day!...
doesn't need somebody else to improve ourselves..
ask yourself and talk to yourself better..

mode: irritate~!


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