you're not for me~

as the time runs, more far you go..
far from me
far from my hand..
meeting you is just like miracle
yet i realise it is not that easy and as simple as that.
to many barriers and complicated way that i have to go through
to have you by my side..

I'm writing this just for letting go my mind.
from thinking of you.
maybe we should separate from each other
maybe that will be much better
though i cannot accept the real fact that................
but i have to do so..

my life isn't end here.
there are more waiting for me
which will be bad or good things.
depends on HIM..

i hope you will happy for your life
hope you can take things well.
do not ever reach your hand for me.
because we are not fated to be together...

just that, we will continue as a good friend.
forever and ever until hereafter..
Insya Allah....

*special dedicated for the person named :friend:

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h-zinnirah said...

Salam :) at the night..blogwalking.. Lalalala~ silent reader. Entah mcmana tertarik dgn entri2 kamu. Maybe kita bleh berkawan. Salam perkenalan. H-zinnirah :) emel me k.