Malam Sambil Berinfaq 2011

venue..: CAC Hall.
anjuran : Jawatankuasa Masjid
bayaran : Rm 80- Rm100
p me as a student..paid only Rm10

actually for this event, i acted as "Bidan terjun" replacing my friend. Siti naddhirah because she went back to her hometown to make her wedding i'm coming here as a replacement and yet didn't have to pay anything, just come and enjoy...cheongmal gumawo....hehe...Nad jjang!..

event start kol 730, my friend, husna and me came after maghrib prayer but despite on the early time, they were so many peoples include outsider, IPTAs and the student both of us, come and sit at the upper sit at the CAC Hall and eventually its destroy our fantasy of having a "Dinner" at the specific "place" with my other friend..and so much so, there was a dinner which is Nasi Lemak and Skyjuice " SeaMaster'..and i felt distracted for a while but still i have to renew my intention of i made it and i enjoy the show...

so for the rest of the story, just let this video and pics explain it to uolls!~..hihi.


ada acapella gitu


Imam Muda Asyraf & Panels

kusyuk kengkawan aku

the video cut from the event.

p/ dapat ilMu.....

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