selamat ulang tahun sayang~

happy 21st birthday myself.......hehe..

today is my day but not certainly my day..hhmm..upppsss...its actually my day..haha..*ap ak ngarut nh!!..

wake up in the morning as usual..act like anything normal although suddenly remembered its 21st!!!!...hhhmmpphh..

1st wisher.....teetttt~....siti nadhirah che brahim..(UIAM)
last wisher.....tuuuuttt~ siti fatimah moshidi( SMKAM)

there are totally 150 wishes that i got even 85% of them due to the reminder from the facebook!!...haha..but still at least its play his own role right? haha

actually i have a date with my friends sue n ema in purpose for buying their gifts for their peer's graduation night..and suddenly i being hugged by sue with her shock remembering my birthday that actually TODAY!!..haha...funny la u sue~~.huhu..

from the original plan which is Ong Tai KIm..we move to the Giant superstore..and i got treated by both of them..aiyoo..membazir aja kamu ani!!...huhu.*even some of my friend treated me meal later from my day..^_^..toche2x
sue tgah bli cake...

then we continue all the way around eating my favorite chicken...hahah..


so the end of the day...-END-

gifts of the day.


ad lagi orangnye p xjumpa gmbr..huhu

apapun....thanks a lot guys..may Allah bless you owez..:)

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