being appreciated~

as a human being..i like to be appreciate to any matters that i deserve. its not im not being sincere in doing something, but something things need that right.

so last week, i attended the class as usual..but i suddenly totally forgot about the notes that madam prepared a day before our at that time, i have this "creepy" feeling because i don't like people mad at me no matter what it is, i try as hard as possible to satisfy them especially my teacher. at one time, i counted as a "lucky because not I'm not the only one did that, there's a number of that. madam mentioned about she mad to the class before us because of the notes, so I'm trembling and freakin out. as soon as madam asked for a volunteer to buy the buy the printed paper of the notes, i'd raised my hand all of the sudden, mind didn't want it but my hand was so stubborn......-__-???..

so after about 15 minutes I'm back to the class and payment have been given with a paper because of name listed. madam asked for them to thanks me and i just feel ok about it because i was in fault to right? and in the end of the class,i've had received this....

its ok not so clear bout this..^^
so me, as a human being, it is a happy day for me.....ngee~

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