endless love

my new drama is coming....not mine la..others..ehehe..can't wait for it...;)))

the title is "ENDLESS LOVE"...

actor and actress :

Wilber Pan

Sandrine Pinna

Lin Yo Wei

Sumiya Nemi

Song Rui En had always believed that she would marry Li Min Shuo one day, once he stopped seeing her as a little sister. But that belief changed after she met Liang Jing Hao, a wisecracking guy who turned her world upside down. She was a girl from a rich family without a care in the world. And he was a man with a haunted past. They overcame many obstacles to be together. But when Liang walked out on her the day before their wedding, she was at a loss. Years later, fate brought them back together. This time she refuses to let anything or anyone get in the way of their love. 

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p/s..this drama is currently airing...

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