Man and Piano..

man + piano = perfect!!!....

i think the first time ever i adore with this things when i heard SHINee Taemin played Yiruma's work entitled " River Flows in You"..

so for the same reason I've been searching for another pieces of Yiruma and recently i found out 2pm's Nickhun playing his work entitled "Kiss the Rain"....jiwang beb!..but really awesome...!

so for now..i really into it~..for me if a man plus with this skill ........huuuuuuu!!!..i cannot imagine what happen next!..kwang2x..i have my own dream to learn this by my own but there was many obstacles that have to reconsider bout this thing~

near to my campus, there are place that teach this skill but once think..i had to think so many things related to it to make sure it is really2x worthy!...isn't it?..
hmmmm..i wonder when that time will come??...or is that any person want to teach me for FREE????...hehehehe...

but personally i like person who can play for me beautifully....that bonus for him!..

love it!

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